Vintage Furniture With The Freshest Nordic Style

Brandon and Katie are friends who have known each other for many years, but later they became lovers. The two plan together for the future, and setting up a new home is a top priority. Their goal is to create bright and transparent love houses, and to bring in their favorite vintage furniture, after some retro home decoration, they wished it! Today, let’s share with you the vintage furniture with retro style content, definitely let your eyes shine!

Vintage Furniture With The Freshest Nordic Style

In the position of entering the door, a long bench was placed, which was built by the owner himself DIY, and it is convenient to go in and out of the shoes. Hooks are installed on the wall, and clothes and bags can be hung here. The living room is connected to the dining room. It can be seen that the whole room is very well lit. The two have not let go of any blank wall that can hang art paintings, just as these abstract art paintings are seen. In addition, putting a few potted plants can bring some vitality to the living room.

Brandon has created this small mobile bar with a lot of wine bottles and glasses on the metal cart. With these idle chairs, you can set up a party in any corner of the house.

The restaurant also has two windows, so it is also very transparent, and the sun can even shine through the living room to the restaurant. The map on the wall has a long history and is a birthday present given to him by Brandon’s mother. The sideboards are placed in the right position to accommodate some cutlery and a few potted plants to make the meal more vibrant.

The vintage furniture mosaic on the wall comes from a 70’s artist
 The style of the living room coffee table and the dining table are unified with each other. The cool-colored sofa with the retro fine-feel coffee table looks calm and calm, laying the basic style of the living room. The blue curtains and the sofa complement each other. The dining table and the coffee table are carpeted to make the house look warm and quiet.
 Brandon and Katie want to create a comfortable and artistically inhabited living environment. There are a lot of retro-style furniture and handmade items in the house, just like the small leather stool next to the sofa, which is very nostalgic.
 This small area near the window can be used as an indoor mini garden, adding a touch of life to the living room. Idle vintage stools can also be used to pad flower pots. The hostess likes to collect some small antiques, like the typewriters and old books on the shelf that have been outdated for a long time.

 Although the lighting of the house is sufficient, how to arrange some corners is also a problem. Brandon and Katie like to collect transparent empty bottles, so it’s wise to use empty bottles to embellish this corner.
 The owner of the house did not let go of the window, and put on a handicraft full of childlike fun. Want to be spacious and bright, a few large windows are essential. The polygonal window design increases indoor lighting from multiple angles. Potted plants can also be placed in places with strong photosynthesis. The passage from the living room to the kitchen is still bright and transparent. However, the kitchen does not extend the wooden floor of the living room, but uses an easy-to-clean floor tile.

Vintage Furniture With The Freshest Nordic Style

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