Decorate Your Home With The Best Vintage Furniture

Now everyone goes out to travel, they like these retro furniture, booking hotels will think that this is a big feature, will be everyone’s favorite, then why your home decoration, will not use this retro style of home decoration In the middle? The best vintage furniture that I have scoured from all over the world is applied to the home decoration design. Below, let you see what the retro-furnished furniture will have.

Decorate Your Home With The Best Vintage Furniture

In reality, too many “mainstream” home decoration styles are mostly in the middle of the law, there are few new ideas, life is already ordinary enough, why not in the space you live in every day, come to a different experience?

It is easy to decorate the home with the best vintage furniture. Even if you take a picture with your mobile phone, you will be able to make a strong crowd in the circle of friends, because this is really a rare stream.

Everywhere in the family are old things full of memories and stories, such as the Swiss military bag hanging on the wall, the bag made by the artist from California, the old carpet, and the old bag of Beijing in the early days of the founding of New China. On the wall behind the living room sofa are two European plant teaching paintings from the 1950s and 1960s.

The best vintage furniture matching skills
The choice of lamps. In the retro-style home decoration, the choice of shiny steel materials is a taboo, you can choose to install the soft lines of the exterior, or the light of the lamps is soft, such as wrought-iron branches, the shape is simple, very charming.

2, coordination and matching. The details should be coordinated, dark red or white, with Western vintage patterns, lines and very westernized furniture is a good choice. Solid wood side tables and dining tables and chairs have a fine curve or pattern.

3, the decoration of the ground. In the retro style decoration, the color difference between the carpet and the ground should not be too large. It is best to choose to use a large piece of carpet for laying. The carpet is mainly decorated with decorative ground to enhance the comfort.

Decorate Your Home With The Best Vintage Furniture

If you love to travel and have a hobby to collect retro things, then you must not miss the integration of these small things into your home, so there will always be a great satisfaction when looking at the home, and these vintage furniture will also let you The home is completely different.