Do you know how to buy American retro furniture?

How to buy American vintage furniture? What are the American vintage furniture buying skills? With the improvement of people’s economic income, people have higher requirements for the taste and pursuit of furniture. Nowadays, many families choose American vintage furniture when purchasing furniture. American vintage furniture is a high-consumer product, so it is necessary to choose when purchasing. Note, then how to buy American vintage furniture, today Xiaobian will introduce to you.

Do you know how to buy American retro furniture?

Do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? First of all, we must choose the brand that we are familiar with. When purchasing American vintage furniture, we must choose the American vintage furniture brand that we are familiar with. It is worth mentioning that even in Italy, which is synonymous with the world’s top American vintage furniture, its American vintage furniture also has high, medium and low-end points. If you buy imported Italian low-end furniture, the quality may not be guaranteed. . Because these low-end brands are far more profitable than the top brands that are well known, it is also the main product of the business.

Do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? We also have to choose an authorized dealer to buy, do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? Buying is a big purchase. At present, do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? In a market where the market is more chaotic, if you can’t distinguish the quality of the product through the texture, it is especially important to choose the authorized dealership of the brand. Currently, the world’s top brands are very cautious about the authorization of dealerships. At present, almost all the world’s well-known brands can find their authorized distribution outlets on their official website. If the location you purchased is not authorized, it is not recommended to buy.

Do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? Checking the Certificate of Origin For consumers who wish to purchase original American vintage furniture, it is a necessary process to check the certificate of origin. In the global factory era, many products are likely to be produced off-site. Products that do not provide a certificate of origin are likely to be generic or domestically processed products. Need to be reminded that although many customers want to see the customs declaration, in fact, because the customs declaration involves trade secrets, the business is generally not available to consumers to view.

Do you know how to buy American vintage furniture? On the website of the brand, the top American vintage furniture brand will announce its product style on the website. In order to avoid being imitated, it is generally not open to the public. However, the authorized seller can log in to the website through the authorization code to understand the style of the product. Consumers can also request The seller logs in to the website to inquire about the product to be purchased.

Pay attention to the details of American vintage furniture. Top furniture brands generally give the product a number, LOGO, etc., and even some products will have the designer’s signature. For example, the hardware components are generally printed with foreign brands. At the same time, the top imported furniture brands will pay considerable attention to details, such as the corners of the hardware, etc., will not leave flaws. Because the technical standards are low, the process can not meet the requirements, the joints of the furniture are prone to high and low unevenness, and the paint surface is not smooth. Consumers should feel the quality of the products through subtleties.

Through the above introduction, I think everyone has a certain understanding of how to buy American vintage furniture and how to buy American vintage furniture. Everyone encounters similar problems in their future life. You can refer to these methods, hope This article is helpful to you.

American Bedroom Vintage Furniture Is Like This! Super Great!

There are more and more people who like American style, but how to “make up” pieces of furniture in a room, and also to match the beauty, today we will talk about how American Vintage furniture should look good.

American Bedroom Vintage Furniture Is Like This! Super Great!

We all know that American furniture materials are mostly solid wood, and they are large in size. Coupled with some families who worship antiques, they will choose more classical and traditional American furniture.
As a result, it is conceivable that the bedroom will be packed with these “big woods”. Therefore, if you want to set up an American style bedroom, the size of the furniture must be well grasped, and you must know how to choose, not to use it to move to the bedroom.

According to the size of the bedroom, if the area is small, then there is an American bed, two bedside tables are enough, the wardrobe is handed over to the custom furniture to make it, and the space does not affect the elegance of the American bedroom. Only the bedroom of the furniture is dark and sinister, and it is necessary to have a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Wall lamps can be installed on both sides of the bed. Wall lamps are also important decorative elements in American style homes. The lamp body is made of different materials such as copper, wood and iron. The lampshade uses glass and fabric to make the light softer and project to the furniture. It feels warm as if it is covered with a warm glow. In addition, the bedroom main light can also be a good choice, crystal chandeliers, geometric simple chandeliers, or candlestick chandeliers, these lamps and homes to match, make the space more full.

Most American furniture is a contoured or straight, or smooth geometric frame. The bedroom can be decorated with square frames, oval frames, round decorative mirrors, etc., which echoes the shape of the home. These decorations decorate the bedroom in a patchwork manner, which can increase the spatial layering.

The furniture in the bedroom is tough, with some soft fabric soft suits to make the bedroom more harmonious. The most common mix of fabrics in the bedroom is curtains and carpets. American fabrics are mainly made of printed fabrics, cotton and linen, nylon, etc. The style is elegant and fresh. The patterns on the fabrics include random graffiti flowers, pastoral natural scenery, plaids, stripes and other elements, showing a mature and elegant atmosphere.

These fabrics come with solid wood furniture, which combines nature and modernity. It is simple and easy to care for, and it is in line with the daily use of modern people. The warm and elegant American style bedroom is not complicated to dress up. Just master the method and easily create an American bedroom.

American Bedroom Vintage Furniture Is Like This! Super Great!

If you want to know more about Vintage furniture, stay tuned! We will bring you the best Vintage furniture knowledge!

To Create An American Vintage Furniture Style Bedroom Just Need These

American vintage furniture showcase, simple and generous, exudes the fragrance of solid wood, in the gorgeous four-poster bed of retro furniture, sweet dreams fly to the clouds, overlooking my home, is an English-style ancient standing on the vast wilderness Fort, are you very excited about the chorus furniture?

To Create An American Vintage Furniture Style Bedroom Just Need These

Practical vintage furniture bedside table
Exquisite carving, smooth lines, beautiful shape, perfect interpretation of the connotation of European and American garden furniture. The drawers are arranged in a stepped manner, and the storage is particularly good and elegant. The hand-carved Baishun column is a set of furniture and objects, which means that every day. The tall cabinet show reveals agility.

Elegant vintage furniture dressing table
A table with a dressing table and a desk that saves space in the bedroom. The mirror is chic, it can be like a goose egg, and like a water drop, it can change with the mood. Changing the different settings will bring you different effects and feelings. The dressing table uses four solid Roman columns to make the whole product reveal the time and spirit. Remove the makeup mirror and use it as a simple office desk. The two small drawers in the dressing table can be used to store jewelry in different categories.

Atmospheric three-door wardrobe
The large gimmick has a very strong British court atmosphere, and the vertical stripes under the brim make the wardrobe look smooth and feminine. The space design is reasonable, the clothes storage and the items are stored in different categories, and the method is methodical, environmentally friendly, semi-closed paint, and even the texture of the trees is very clear.
The 120-degree opening and closing angle door hinge is convenient for picking up clothes and will not be picked up. The dust-proof strip on the door panel also makes the whole wardrobe close better. The surface painting process is inlaid on the facade. effect. The 100% solid wood design, including the back panel, door panel and side panels, is a patented frame structure unique to Canaan olive tree furniture, effectively preventing cracking and deformation of wood.

To Create An American Vintage Furniture Style Bedroom Just Need These

American vintage furniture style decoration, not necessarily to do a lot of cumbersome styling and decoration, choose a set of American vintage furniture, with an elegant floral wallpaper, and match the curtains and bedding, Then choose some small ornaments with vintage taste, you can also build a home that is as good as an American castle.